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Hanjin strives to strictly abide by the principles of human rights protection to prevent human rights violations in its business activities. We confirm that this principle is a basic obligation that all business partners, including our executives and employees, must abide by .

Human Rights Protection Principles

  • 1Hanjin respects all members as human beings and supports internationally accepted international standards for human rights.
  • 2Hanjin strives to prevent any violations of human rights, such as workplace harassment and sexual harassment.
  • 3Hanjin abides by the 「Trade Union and Labor Relations Adjustment Act」 and strives to provide sufficient communication opportunities to all members.
  • 4Hanjin does not force employees to work against their free will by mental or physical restraint.
  • 5Hanjin prohibits labor of children of the age stipulated by relevant laws.
  • 6Hanjin does not discriminate in employment, work, or labor conditions on the basis of gender, race, nationality, ethnicity, religion, etc.