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Code of Ethics

Code of Ethics

We will establish and actively practice ethical standards that serve as the principles of proper value judgment and behavior.

한진 윤리경영에 관한 정보로 아래 한진 윤리경영 설명 참조

Hanjin Ethical management

  • Customer : Provide high-quality logistics services
  • Society : Social return of corporate profits
  • Partners : Fair trade and win-win management
  • Employee : Emphasis on sense of ethics and morality
  • Competitors : Fostering fair competition
  • Shareholder : Pursuing maximization of shareholder value

Ethical management

1. We pursue customer-centered management with customer satisfaction and safety as our top priority.
  • Providing high-quality service that will satisfy customers
  • Establishing a safety management system that customers trust
  • Respect for customers and protecting their rights and information
  • Disclosure of company-related information in response to customers' right to know
2. We do our best to maximize the investment value of investors.
  • Securing investors' confidence
  • Protection of Investors' rights
  • Increase in investment value
3. We respect each individual employee and strive to improve their quality of life.
  • Respect for each individual employee
  • Presenting a future-oriented vision for employees
  • Improving the quality of life of employees
4. We pursue mutual growth with our partners based on mutual trust.
  • Building mutual trust with business partners
  • Fair and transparent transaction procedures
  • Win-win through the pursuit of shared growth
  • Respecting the material, intellectual property rights and trade secrets of partners
  • Prohibition of demanding technical data or illegal use of intellectual property rights without justifiable reason
5. We respect the principle of free competition and take the lead in the development of a healthy logistics industry.
  • Fair Competition
  • Improving customer satisfaction through competition
  • Compliance with domestic and overseas competition related laws
6. We actively contribute to the healthy development of the country and society and the preservation of the environment.
  • Contribution to national and social development
  • Environmental protection and conservation
7. We empathize with the corporate philosophy and fulfill our duties and responsibilities for this purpose.
  • Empathy with the corporate philosophy
  • Basic Ethics of Employees
  • Employee work ethics
  • Solving ethical issues between the company and its employees


Code of Ethical Conduct

Code of Conduct

This guideline applies to all employees, including full-time, temporary, and contract employees.

1. Money, gifts, entertainment/excessive treatment prohibited

  • Prohibition of giving or receiving money, valuables or entertainment with business-related stakeholders
  • Prohibition of receiving money, gifts, entertainment/excessive treatment between employees and through family, relatives or acquaintances
  • If a prohibited act occurs due to unavoidable circumstances, report to the internal ethics manager by filling out a report form (within 3 working days) and follow the instructions.

2. Prohibition on providing convenience

  • Prohibition on giving or receiving conveniences with business-related stakeholders
  • If a prohibited act occurs due to unavoidable circumstances, report it to the internal ethics manager and follow the instructions just as in the case of bribery.
  • Acts through family members, relatives, or acquaintances are deemed as the act of the reporter himself.
  • Exceptions are made for convenience provided to all participants related to participation in official programs approved by the company.
  • When participating in external lectures using work-related knowledge and materials, prior approval from the relevant department shall be obtained, and report to the internal ethics manager and follow instructions in case of receiving lecture compensation.

3. Congratulatory and Condolence money

  • Any employee shall not notify any congratulatory and condolence events that have occurred to himself/herself or to any colleague to any stakeholder.
  • In case of unavoidable receipt of money for congratulations or condolence from stakeholders, such money shall be returned in full or reported to the internal ethics manager.

4. Other legal/ethical issues

  • Prohibition of illegal leaking of company information
  • Protection of company property and prohibition of use for purposes other than contemplated
  • Prohibition of infringing on the property rights of others
  • Prohibition of unfair practices using the position of executive and employee
  • Prohibition of acquiring shares or accepting employment from any company which any executive/employee has a direct interest
  • Prohibition of engaging in transactions with any company operated by any executive/employee
  • Prohibition of violations of domestic and international laws
  • Prohibition of corruption, illegality, and contract violations related to contracts with foreign governments such as Korea/USA

5. Action in case of violation

  • The company will take appropriate disciplinary action, including dismissal, to any employee or executive who violates relevant laws, regulations, or basic business principles of honesty and integrity.
  • All employees of the company, upon perceiving or coming into contact with acts that violate laws, regulations, codes of ethics, contracts, or basic business principles, such as honesty and integrity, and corruption, illegality, and contract violations related to contracts with foreign governments such as Korea and the United States, shall immediately report anonymously or under real name through “Reporting”.



Please note

The Cyber Audit Office is a space for reporting violations of business ethics.
If you have any complaints or inquiries regarding the use of Hanjin courier service, please contact 'Voice of Delivery Customers'.

Receipt of courier-related complaintsReceiving cases of dissatisfaction, delivery inquiry, reservation inquiry, business store inquiry, other courier inquiries (customer's voice)

User guide

The Cyber Audit Office receives reports on facts that go against corporate ethics, such as corruption, unfair business practices, unreasonable demands, and unfair trade practices by executives and employees, and the received information will be treated as private.

Reporting type

  • Employee's embezzlement and bribery
  • Requesting or providing money and valuables, or entertainment
  • Cases of duplicated employment by employees
  • Cases of immorality due to sexual harassment
  • Matters that violate business ethics in accordance with social norms
  • Unfair joint action (collusion)
  • Unfair trade practices
  • Unfair subcontracting practices
  • Other violations of the Fair Trade Act and illegal acts
  • Business Improvements

How to report

  • You may report by letter or fax, but we recommend that you file a cyber report on the website.
  • Letter to Hanjin Co., Ltd. Audit Office, 11th floor, Hanjin Building, 63 Namdaemun-ro, Jung-gu, Seoul
  • Fax to 82+ 2-756-0339

Processing procedure

  • Reported information goes through the necessary procedures for verification. So minimum time (7-10 days) is required for a response.
  • The result of the processing of the report is notified to the informant by e-mail, and can be checked on the website.
  • Please understand that anonymous submissions may not be processed because it is difficult to verify the facts.