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Hanjin is working hard to grow with the local community by creating various social values using the characteristics of the logistics industry. Our company was built on the philosophy of contributing to society by building roads.

To create greater corporate value for sustainable growth with our employees, customers and society, Hanjin complies with the following principles in all management activities.

Corporate Value enhanced by creating shared value and eco-friendly logistics    

  • Create synergy with small business owners and local communities by creating social values using logistics capabilities.
  • Contribute to the realization of carbon neutrality through the practice of eco-friendly logistics and the expansion of eco-friendly businesses.
  • Both the company and its members actively strive to realize a better society and environment.

Shared growth through fair competition and transparent collaboration

  • We observe and practice the principles of fairness and compliance in all business processes.
  • We grow together with logistics partners through cooperation and support as a team effort.
  • We support our customers' success by providing the best logistics services.

Reinforcing the foundation for sustainable growth through a transparent and creative organizational culture based on safety and ethics  

  • We lead a rational and creative communication culture by developing a transparent governance structure.
  • We promote the health and satisfaction of employees by creating a safe and pleasant working environment.
  • We support the human rights and diversity of our employees and create a pleasant workplace where work and life are balanced.