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Global Express

Global Express

Global Express


Hanjin Global Express will ship personal cargo, e-Commerce cargo and sample products.

We provide fast and accurate express service to anywhere in the world.

Air express

We operate our own global express customs clearance office in the Free Trade Zone of Incheon International Airport.
We directly operate express cargo and have specialized personnel to provide all express services such as import and export customs clearance.

한진 항공기에 특수화물을 싣고 있는 모습

Sea express

We ship small packages at reasonable prices.
We transport cargo by vessel and deliver it to the capital area in a short time.

한진 선박에 컨테이너 화물을 싣고 운송하는 모습

Ehanex, overseas direct purchase service

Ehanex, an overseas direct purchase service, is a one-stop service that packages and inspects products ordered by overseas online malls, and then delivers them to domestic customers through overseas transportation, import and customs clearance based on Hanjin's global logistics network and experienced transportation know-how.

We operate 11 centers with state-of-the-art logistics hubs and optimal facilities in 8 foreign countries and provide real-time information on product transportation through our website and mobile.

We also operate the Ehanex Mall, an overseas direct purchase shopping mall, that provides the procurement service of popular overseas products curated by professional MDs for easier direct purchase service.




Hanjin GDC is an integrated freight center categorizes cargo received in large quantities from overseas according to e-commerce orders, packs them in small packages, and sends them to overseas consignees. Hanjin GDC serves as a hub for import and export, providing the entire transport process from cargo storage and sorting to transshipment and export.

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Services Provided


We operate imported cargo directly through the express customs clearance center which our own facility, and provide customs clearance.


We classify and store cargo using automated facilities.


We store/do inventory management of bonded cargo, and distribute/process stored goods according to e-commerce order information.


As a global hub logistics center, we transport cargo from overseas to third countries.


We deliver e-commerce reverse overseas shipping cargo and general export cargo overseas.


We provide a general room temperature warehouse according to the user’s needs.

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