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Commercial Moving

Commercial Moving



Hanjin promises a comfortable and accurate packaging moving service with the best logistics process, from moving abroad to moving facilities abroad that requires detailed transportation know-how, and transporting exhibition materials.

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Achieves customer satisfaction by providing a wide range of services, as well as customs clearance and delivery, based on experience and expertise

Based on our accumulated experience and know-how, we provide comprehensive services such as corporate and facility moving, overseas moving freight services for expatriates, transportation of sports event materials, packing, customs clearance, insurance and air/sea forwarding for overseas performances and exhibits.

Type of service

Industrial packaging/project cargo

Based on our experience in moving equipment in various fields such as medical equipment, laboratory equipment and industrial equipment, we provide comprehensive services for the transfer from packaging to domestic transportation, export customs clearance, storage, stevedoring, insurance and arrival at overseas locations.

Corporate moving

Unlike general moving, corporate moving requires professional technical skills. Hanjin's corporate moving service achieves customer satisfaction by providing all services from packaging to transportation.


We move demanding performance equipment and exhibits quickly and safely on schedule with our accumulated experience and careful management.

Overseas/Homecoming moving

We offer a comprehensive services ranging from consultation to packaging, customs clearance, insurance, overseas transportation and arrival in the destination, providing a comfortable service like domestic moving.

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