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Container terminal

Container Terminal


컨테이너 터미널 사진

We will always do our best for customer's cargo with the mindset of receiving the first container after opening the terminal.

Hanjin's container terminal business is the largest terminal operator in Korea and has nationwide networks, including four terminals in Busan, Incheon, Pyeongtaek and Vietnam, and six inland logistics hubs in Uiwang, Jungbu, etc., and provides comprehensive services such as stevedoring, transporting and storage through the inland transportation business.

Also, we have ultra-large equipment and state-of-the-art system for berthing vessels of 20,000 TEU or over based on the trend of larger size of container vessels, and have the best terminal operation capability in Korea by applying international port security and safety standards.

  • Korea's largest terminal operator
  • World's first horizontal automatic classification yard control terminal
  • Capable of berthing large vessels of 20,000 TEU or over
  • Provides comprehensive logistics service


HJNCHanjin Busan Newport CO.

한진부산컨테이너터미널 사진

  • A hub terminal in Northeast Asia capable of handling 20,000 TEU-class large vessels
  • A large port facility for entry and departure of vessels, various information of container and work, capable of handling more than 3 million TEU annually
  • Introduced the world's first horizontal automatic classification yard control facility
HJNC website

HJITHanjin Incheon Container Terminal

한진인천컨테이너터미널 사진

  • Capable of berthing large vessels of 12,000 TEU for the first time at Incheon Port
  • The gate port of the capital region, providing differentiated services as the center of export and import logistics in the West Sea
  • Builds the latest new equipment and advanced unmanned automation operating system
  • Provides optimized integrated logistics service by linking various transportation modes by land, sea and air
HJIT website

PCTCPyeongtaek Container Terminal CO. Ltd

평택컨테이너터미널 사진

  • The heart of the Korean Peninsula for the smooth transport of import and export cargo in Seoul and the Central Region
  • The gateway in the Central Region to services for Korea, China and Southeast Asia
  • Provides real-time information on vessels entering and departing the port, various containers, and work status
PCTC website

TCITTan Cang Cai Mep International Terminal

Tan Cang Cai Mep International Terminal 사진

  • The largest terminal in the Cai Mep area, capable of berthing two 14,000 TEU-class super-large vessels at the same time
  • Large facility capable of accommodating more than 2 million TEU per year
  • A gateway for import and export in the southern region where Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam's largest city, is located
  • A hub terminal of Vietnam and Southeast Asian markets with unlimited growth potential
TCIT website
인천, 평택, 부산의 터미널에 관한 정보로 아래 터미널 정보 설명 참조

터미널 정보

Incheon Port : HJIT
  • Berth size : 3-berth
  • Depth of water : 16M~18M
  • Gross area : 480,000 ㎡
  • Capacity : 1.2 million TEU/year
Pyeongtaek Port : PCTC
  • Berth size : 4-berth
  • Depth of water : 14M
  • Gross area : 416,000㎡
  • Capacity : 1.08 million TEU/year
Busan Port : HJNC
  • Berth size : 3-berth
  • Depth of water : 17M
  • Gross area : 687,590 ㎡
  • Capacity : 3 million TEU/year

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General Cargo Stevedoring

일반화물 부두 사진

General Cargo Stevedoring


Hanjin has faithfully fulfilled its role as a pioneer in the stevedoring field, from overseas stevedoring business to construction of private-invested docks for the first time in Korea.

We have the latest stevedoring facilities and heavy equipment in each port of the country, and we provide the best stevedoring service including comprehensive works, such as transportation and storage as well as stevedoring, for imported/exported cargo, such as containers, industrial goods, automobiles, heavy cargoes, grains, steel products, iron ore coal, and domestic transported goods. And, we devote to improve customer satisfaction by establishing an optimal network such as securing additional new ports and stably handling goods.

Stevedoring of general cargoes / Steel products

For the stevedoring of general bulk cargo and steel products, we operate docks in major ports across the country, including Pohang Port, Gwangyang Port, Ulsan Port, Jeju Port, Boryeong Port, New Boryeong Port and Masan Port, and lead the stevedoring industry with our accumulated experience and technology. We are committed to providing better stevedoring services, including the industry's first AEO certification for stevedoring.

Stevedoring of grains

We have two silos for grain only with a temporary storage capacity of 100,000 tons at Incheon Port's private dock, and we have an air-lifting automatic conveyor carrier and a dedicated unloader capable of handling 800 tons per hour. We handle the entire process including unloading, warehousing, storing and shipping grains with an electronic computer control system, so grain cargo that is sensitive to climate change can always be kept in optimal condition.

Stevedoring of raw materials

We provide the best stevedoring service of raw materials at major raw material docks such as Pohang, Gwangyang, Boryeong and New Boryeong by securing a dedicated unloader for efficient stevedoring of steelmaking raw materials such as iron ore, coal and limestone, and bituminous coal for power generation, and a multi-functional dozer in vessel for easy unloading of raw material cargo in the vessel.


항만하역 분야 분포도에 관한 정보로 아래 항만하역 분야 정보 설명 참조

항만하역 분야 정보

  • 인천항 : 양곡
  • 보령항 : 유연탄
  • 광양항 : 유연탄/철광석
  • 한림항, 제주항 : 농산물/잡화
  • 마산항 : 자동차/기자재
  • 울산항 : 산화물/기자재
  • 포항항 : 유연탄/철광석

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