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Delivery tracking

Inland Transportation

Container Transport

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Container Transport


Korea's first container transport introduced! The history of inland transportation is that of Hanjin!

Hanjin, which introduced the container transport system for the first time in Korea in 1969, transports container cargo safely and accurately to the desired location by using hubs and infrastructure for logistics located throughout the country, provides real-time tracking information and improves customer convenience by introducing the fleet management system.


50 years of know-how

Know-how in transporting logistics containers that has been accumulated over 50 years


Best logistics infrastructure

Has major domestic hubs such as terminals and ICDs


Integrated transport solution

Provides one-stop integrated transportation service in connection with railroad transport

Container transport process

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We provides more expanded services by linking roads and railways. We have railroad CYs and CDs in major hubs across the country, such as Uiwang, Busan, Sejong, Gumi and Gwangyang, and they not only provide various services such as transporting containers and vanning/devanning container cargo, but connect each port and major cities in Korea perfectly.


Hanjin operates ICD (Inland Container Depot) and CD (Container Depot) in major logistics hubs across the country to provide the best transportation services.

인프라 현황에 관한 정보로 아래 인프라 현황 설명 참조
  • Uiwang ICD
  • Jungbu Intergrated Freight Terminal ICD
  • Gunsan CD
  • Hanam CD
  • Gwangyang ODCY
  • Gumi ICD
  • Ulsan CD
  • Yangsan ICD

Service inquiry

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Container Transport​ +82-2-728-5761

General Cargo Transport

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General Cargo Transport


We provide the optimal transportation services considering various sizes, shapes and weights of cargo.

Through the global network and various equipment for the transportation of diverse general cargoes, we provide the general cargo transport service that safely transports steel products and heavy cargo to the desired place.

Transport Service


Provides customized solutions and transportation services for various non-standardized cargoes

Oils/Dangerous Substances/Hazardous Chemicals

Safely transports oils, dangerous substances, petrochemicals, etc. using customized tank lorry and equipment

Supplies for military/government use

Provides stable and efficient logistics service through experts for cargo for military/government use that has to meet strict freight conditions, including licensing

Heavy cargo

Provides transportation services for supersized cargo such as railroad bridge and hull block through specially designed inland transportation equipment

Steel products

Not only reduces distribution costs of customers but provides optimal logistics services through the steel industrial cluster, hubs, and know-how of dedicated personnel/vehicles

Construction materials

Provides optimal services through transportation optimized for various conditions depending on product characteristics such as gypsum board, glass and PILE


Provides a wide range of automotive logistics services from small parts delivery to finished vehicles

Service inquiry

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Service classification Representative Contact Representative E-mail
Construction material, chemical, petrochemical and oil refining transportation​ +82-2-728-5768​​
Bulk, steel, cargo for military/government use transportation +82-2-728-5861​
Heavy cargo transportation​​​ +82-52-901-0133​​
Auto transportation​​ +82-2-728-5783​

Distribution transport

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Distribution Transport


We provide logistics services optimized for customers' needs by linking with the storage business, focusing on superstores, daily necessities, and fresh groceries.

From temperature-sensitive fresh groceries to various industrial products, we provide distribution services optimized for customers based on Hanjin's unique distribution and transport know-how.

  • 01

    Thorough temperature control and optimal storage service through cold storage and room temperature warehouse infrastructure

  • 02

    Cost competitiveness through stable customized dispatch service and optimal logistics solution

  • 03

    One-stop integrated logistics service linking storage and transportation

  • 04

    Best consulting service on logistics through customer-specific analysis

  • 05

    Fast and systematic customer management process

Distribution transport

물류서비스 수송과정에 대한 정보로 아래 물류서비스 설명 참조

Transportation between vendor and distribution center

  • Transportation between production plant and distribution center
  • Bonded transportation of imported goods

Operation of distribution center

  • Stevedoring, warehousing, inspection, storage, shipment, delivery and closing of goods
  • Location management, inventory management, distribution processing
  • Picking (1st class, 2nd class) and distribution of the quantity to be loaded by dock
  • Delivery inspection, loading management
  • Management of receipt and disbursement of rolltainer and P box
  • Management of returns/damage/exchange


  • Delivery to sales offices and business sites nationwide
  • Collection (rolltainer, empty box)
  • Movement of goods between business sites and sales offices
  • Labor management for delivery man

Service inquiry

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Service classification Representative Contact Representative E-mail
Distribution transport​​ +82-2-728-5783​