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Shipping Glossary

Business Ethics practice enhances corporate value and increases
the trust and respect of customers, investors and employees

Dedicated to legal compliance and transparent and fair business
operations, Hanjin Shipping adopted the Voluntary Compliance Program.

Furthermore under the strong belief that the ethical minds of
individual employees significantly contribute to ethical business practices
we announced the Code of Ethics in order to fulfill our corporate
social responsibilities.

Hanjin Shipping Code of Ethics

We, the members of Hanjin Shipping, are committed to the satisfaction of our customers, providing world class services, pursuing the growth of all related parties to become a reliable and transparent company in terms of management and our duties as a member of society. Thus, we hereby decree the Employee Code of Ethics.

Basic Hanjin Shipping Employee Code of Ethics
  • We promote Hanjin Shipping’s corporate value and take due responsibility to realize it
  • We shall maintain our dignity as Hanjin Shipping employees and conduct our duties with sincerity
  • We protect corporate properties and do not use internal information for personal gain
  • We shall not participate in any business activities that go against corporate interests
Responsibilities to Customers
  • We will always strive to provide the best customer service and enhance customer value
  • We will always respect customer opinions and keep the promises we make to them
  • We will provide customers with only precise, transparent information
  • We will always strive to do our best to protect the privacy of our customers; no information will be disclosed to any third party without prior consent
Responsibility to Investors
  • We will do our best to promote investor interests
  • We will provide shareholders and other related parties with timely, useful information
  • We will do our best to conduct transparent, sound management practices to protect shareholder interest
Responsibilities to Competing Organizations
  • We will uphold the principles of free competition
  • We will practice fair competition in the market and the industry
Responsibilities to Business Partners
  • We will promote symbiotic growth with our business partners based on cooperation and mutual trust
  • We will not accept any unjustified commission from our partners
Company’s Responsibilities to Employees
  • Hanjin Shipping will do our best to ensure employees and executives feel proud and rewarded in their work
  • Hanjin Shipping respects all our employees and executives, providing equal opportunities to them so that they can realize their full potential
  • Hanjin Shipping will take all necessary measures to protect the health and safety of our employees, making all appropriate efforts to enhance their quality of life
Responsibilities to the Country and Society
  • We will contribute to the development of our country and society and promote an appropriate corporate culture
  • We will abide by governing laws and regulations, both domestic and international, and fulfill all tax payment obligations
  • We will contribute to environmental preservation

Go  http://ethics.hanjin.com

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