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Shipping Glossary

We move global trade
99% of global trade is done via Ocean transportation. Not only is it at the center of global trade but it is also responsible for moving the riches of the world. The existence of Hanjin Shipping lies with this core idea.

As a top transportation provider Hanjin Shipping is looking above and beyond the ocean carrier business and expanding our value chain as a total logistics provider.

Hanjin Shipping has weathered and survived many economic crises along with top ocean carrier around
the world. Now from simply being the No.1 Ocean carrier in Korea and becoming a top player in the global
market we are securing Logistics network all over the world. Also we keep concentrating on opportunities
to grow our business in the new realm of terminal operations, third party logistics, ship repair yards and
ship management.

Hanjin Shipping will make a constant effort to pioneer new destinations to call and become a global trade
leader. With the best logistics services we can provide we will act as a bridge between people, businesses,
and countries.
The Global Logistics Leader
Hanjin Shipping’s Corporate Vision “The Global Logistics Leader” holds the key message from our corporate mission as well as our employees’ mission to be the global leader not only in shipping industry but also in total logistics service. This is what Hanjin Shipping strives to become and it is the main objective to realizing our mission “We move global trade”.
We know very well that to become “The Global Logistics Leader”,
we need to strengthen our core Container and Bulk businesses through fleet expansion and efficient trade management. Furthermore, we will keep diversifying our business portfolio in to terminals, third party logistics, ship repair yards and ship management.

Through continuous process innovation we have come up with an efficient business model and via our state of the art IT system we are able to provide our customers with a more comfortable and easy to access service.

We are also in the process of making our company greener which is also one of the necessary steps to becoming a Global Logistics Leader. We are investing on newer and more efficient vessels and we were the first Korean carrier to introduce environmentally friendly reefer containers. Furthermore we offer our customers a Supply Chain Carbon Calculator (www.hanjin.com) where customers can view their carbon emissions for a specific transportation leg.
We move global trade
No matter how vast, the ocean it is still too small to hold the future.
Hanjin Shipping’s slogan “Beyond the Ocean” represents our pioneer spirit of encompassing the 5 seas and 6 continents. It is also a representation of our firm will to overcome the current hardship to become a Global Logistics Leader.

Hanjin Shipping just recently celebrated 60 years and now we begin our journey into the next 60.
In the past 60 years we grew together with the Korean economy and became the nation’s no.1 ocean carrier.
In the next 60 years we hope to reach our goal of becoming a Global Logistics Leader credited by our customers.
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