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Dedicated Terminals

Total Terminals International(TTI) - Long Beach

Long Beach Container Terminal (Pier-T) strives to provide the highest quality stevedoring, terminal and transportation-related services.

         Pier-T designed for maximum efficiency and productivity has the capacity to process more than 3 million TEUs on and off vessels per year. When it comes to accommodating ever-increasing cargo volumes, larger ocean carriers and additional shipping lines. And no terminal in the Port of Long Beach is larger than Pier-T, with over 380 acres of space.
The mile-long wharf at Pier-T is capable of accomodating large ships such as more than 10,000 TEU vessel, and it is outfitted with the up-to-date largest gantry cranes at any US port. These super post-Panamax 250-foot-high shore cranes rank among the world's largest, are able to lift 100 LT, and have the boom outreach capacity required for the new generation of container ships that stow 22 containers wide

        Pier-T has On-dock Rail facility can provide one-stop intermodal service ; immediate loading to the rail cars after container discharged from the vessels, and also reduce truck shuttle traffic and contribute to the local community. Furthermore, the unique shape of the rail facility makes it ideal for loading and unloading trains without interference with the gates and yard operation. This facility allows TTI to provide customers with faster transit time for all final destinations.

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Scope of Service
  • Vessel Stevedoring Service
  • On-dock Rail Service
  • Container (Dry & Reefer) Storage / Maintenance & Repair / Inspection Service

Hanjin Shipping, Maersk, MSC, COSCO, Evergreen, K-Line, Yang Ming Line, China Shipping

Operation Hours

Weekday 8:00 - 17:00

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Facilities and Equipment

- Facilities
Total Area 1,541,852 ㎡
Berth 4
Quay Length 1,530 M
Water Depth 15 M
Storage Capacity 76,027 TEU
Reefer Plugs 1,800
Gate 45
On-dock Rail 100,000 ft

- Equipment
Gantry Crane 14
RTG 24
Top Handler 52
Fork Lift 14
Pick-up Truck 199
Yard Tractor 173


  • 1992.08. Hanjin Shipping established to manage operations at Pier C in Long Beach.
  • 1997.09. Hanjin Shipping assumed operating at newly built 170 acre Pier A in Long Beach.
  • 2002.09. Hanjin Shipping moved into what was the former Long Beach Naval Base, Pier T in Long Beach
                   which at full build out will be 380 acres.
  • 2005.11. Pier-T completed its first 1,000,000 vessel lifts year.
  • 2006.11. Pier-T completed its first 1,200,000 vessel lifts year.
  • 2008.09. Pier-T on dock rail handled a record of over 8,000 lifts in one week.
  • 2012.03. Pier-T handled MSC Fabiola 14,000 teu vessel, largest in North America.
  • 2013.10. Pier-T on dock rail handled a record of over 9,824 lifts in one week.
  • 2015.04. Vessel operation / Terminal Equipment M&R, starting direct operation by TTI itself


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