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Shipping Glossary

As the Top 10-largest container carrier, Hanjin Shipping handles more than
4.0 million TEU of container cargo annually.

Other services provided by our Company include bulk carrier transportation
and the operation of terminals. At the same time, we continuously look for
opportunities to diversify our business portfolio.

Living up to our reputation as Korea’s largest and leading
global shipping company,we have established an integrated
transportation system. This network allows us to transport
our customer’s cargoes, rapidly and safely, through 35 trunk routesg
connectin more than 90 major ports and 6,000 destinations around the globe.

  • Container Service
    Hanjin Shipping’s container service has significantly grown, annually transporting 3.7 million TEUs of container cargo via our fleet of 104 container vessels. More specifically, scheduled trunk services ensure punctuality and stability in the delivery of containers.

    At the moment, our fleet is mostly composed of larger vessels including five 8,000 TEU class vessels. In 2010, Hanjin Korea, the first 10,000 TEU class vessel to be delivered in Korea was deployed in our Asia ? Europe route.
  • Bulk Service
    Our bulk carriers mainly transport resources for energy production and raw materials used to drive industrial development. Hanjin Shipping provides reliable transportation services to a number of Korean and global steelmakers, electricity companies through Contracts of Affreightment (COA).

    Our bulk fleet in comprised of dry bulk carriers and a number of state-of-the-art vessels such as LNG carriers, VLCCs for transporting crude oil and chemical carriers. With a department of professionals located in our Head Office we also have subsidiaries in London responsible for expanding our business in European region and in Singapore concentrating on business with tanker charterers.
  • Terminal Service
    Hanjin Shipping operates 13 container terminals and 2 logistics center, 6 Off Dock Container Yards (ODCY) at major ports and inland locations around the world. The 13 container terminals are strategically located at 5 major ports in Korea, 2 ports on the US West Coast, 2 in Japan and 1 each in Belgium, Spain, Taiwan and Vietnam.

    With the capacity to berth three 10,000 TEU class vessels at one, Hanjin New Port Terminal opened in Busan, in May of 2009. It is capable of handling more than 2.5million TEUs of cargo annually.

    Equipped with cutting-edge Gantry Cranes, which can lift 100 tons at once, the Hanjin New Port Terminal is expected to emerge as a logistics hub of Northeast Asia.

    In 2010, Hanjin Shipping began operations of our vertical automation container terminal in Algeciras, Spain. The Total Terminal International Algeciras (TTIA) will serve as a gateway to the Western part of the Mediterranean Sea. Strategically located at the strait of Gibraltar, where East-West, North-South routes intersect, the new terminal is expected to serve as the hub of our North and South American, African and European routes.
  • Ship Repair Yard Service
    Hanjin Shipping established the Zhejiang Eastern Shipyard Co., Ltd. (ZESCO) on Qushan Island, China, as a joint venture with Shunhe Shipping (China), Sinotrans (China) and K-Line (Japan) in April, 2009. The ship repair yard is built on a site spanning over 550,000 ㎡ with a 1,740m-long quay and two docks, big enough to berth and repair large vessels. Strategically located in the vicinity of the Shanghai Yangshan Container Terminal and in the center of China’s ship repair industry cluster around Zhoushan, the shipyard has repaired and converted more than 910 vessels of various types since its establishment.

    Leveraging its advanced knowledge and the world-leading technologies of the world’s top global carriers, the ZESCO’s stable management of dock space and timely ship repair services guarantee enhanced quality of services for ships for alliance members.

    In the future, the high-level security, quality and optimal timelines for the completion of repairs will further strengthen customer loyalty, making it a favored shipyard to the ship owners around the world. The vast size of the yard will also serve as a site for in-land shipbuilding, as part of the company’s efforts to create new business opportunities.
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